1. Saftey

Safety is of the utmost importance. Please be aware that we may refuse to accept a job, or perform an action if it could possibly endanger the videographers or the equipment.

2. Locations

Vertex Vid is a North-Atlanta based video production company. While we typically serve areas within a 30-mile radius of our studio, we reserve the right to reject any request to any location(s) that we deem to be difficult to navigate, unsafe for any reason, or unprofitable to serve.

All meetings will be conducted via phone, email, or in a public place of business. All agreed upon meetings and events will be attended by a team of at least two individuals from Vertex Vid LLC

3. Conditions

We will not film outdoors during rain, extreme fog, or thunderstorms. We will not film outdoors when the temperature is below 40° F, or over 100° F. We will not bring equipment onto unsecured areas such as rooftops or boats. We will not be able to perform risky maneuvers, such as running backwards, while handling cameras. We will not go onto roofs, ladders, scaffolds, or any other places/objects deemed by us to be unsecured or unsafe for any reason. We will not enter any premise that is deemed to be unsafe or hazardous. We reserve the right to leave at any time we feel the area becomes unsafe. We will immediately leave in the presence of any unlawful activities.

4. Our Policy

Vertex Vid reserves the right to refuse any customer request or action if its associates, in their sole discretion, feel such request or action is unlawful or would endanger themselves and/or equipment.

5. Our TOS

Please read our Terms of Service.